Hello, solution seekers….

I’m Sherilynn Fisher. I’m an IT professional formerly with a Fortune 100 company for over a decade, and I created Knowledge Greenhouse to fill a common business need that almost nobody wants to address. Many of my colleagues in other businesses relate to the challenge of not being able to find trustworthy knowledge in their jobs. Does that sound like you?

Knowledge Greenhouse is an independent IT consultancy that specializes in helping businesses and consumers become more efficient and productive, by helping them liberate and leverage their own knowledge, without sacrificing human capital.

We take a grassroots learning approach with knowledge management because we believe everyone is an expert at something valuable. Our goal is to help bring each individual contributor’s knowledge and expertise to life and allow your business to thrive.

Knowledge is the glue of trust, and trust is the foundation of great businesses.

It’s difficult to navigate the world of Knowledge Management when it’s neither your passion nor your job. We can help you leverage your existing technology or help you find the right third-party product suites.