Frequently Asked Questions, in case you didn’t know (8-P)

Do I really own all my data? I mean, you’re not going to misuse it.

Yes, your data remains your data and we follow industry standards to respect the privacy and security of your data while under our care. When we form a professional-client relationship our legal contract will detail the terms of ownership of your data, and how we will use and organize your data while under our care.

Who is responsible for backups?

In the end, you are responsible for maintaining backups of your own data throughout the entire process, from beginning to end. We require that you create and keep your own copies of data backups separately and away from Knowledge Greenhouse, at the beginning and incrementally during progression of cleanup, as a precaution.

How well does this work? How much data do we need to provide you?

It’s up to you and what your needs are, but generally the more data areas you provide for us to help you clean up, catalog and reorganize, the better your overall business result will be. If you are only interested in improving front-end customer support, then other areas of your business will continue to suffer from their pre-existing issues. As a business representative, it is up to you how to define your key performance indicators for measures of success.

I have no idea what my knowledge even is, or what is the data.

Knowledge is anything that teaches something to help solve a business problem. Data are pieces of information that may or may not have any value whatsoever. We can teach you how to identify what could be knowledge in your data space, but ultimately only you as the business insider knows whether the knowledge is truly useful. The only way to find the answers is to work together and study your data and you teach us what is important.

Do you offer guarantees?

No, and legally we cannot. While we strive to follow all best practice industry standards, there are many unknowns that we cannot control for. Your effort invested into the cleanup project, what data you’re willing to share with us, how well the data storage and communication systems are secured and protected against breaches. Please read our disclaimers.

We can’t afford to have anyone handle our knowledge management needs. Our entire team has their plates full putting out production fires.

All the more reason why you can’t afford not to have a proper knowledge management system. Our ultimate goal is to make your business self-sufficient in handling your own knowledge management. Ideally knowledge management should be automatically part of everyone’s job description. Worst case, we can offer a contract-based ongoing retainer service for handling your knowledge management maintenance.