Is ignorance bliss? And the curse of knowledge.

If you are the leader, ultimately only you know what is important to your company. It’s your job to ensure everyone else has the knowledge to do their jobs. If you are at the bottom of the corporate ladder it’s your job to ensure you apply your knowledge, skills and experience properly to support the […]

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Shopping time! 5 things to be wary of in online reviews.

I define knowledge management as a system of information clarity and dissemination that allows you to take action to solve an immediate problem. That definition could be interpreted more abstractly, like, learning about a brand new topic you’ve been dying to know about. Or in this case to help you make a decision about buying […]

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Knowledge Management: How Pachelbel’s Canon demonstrates the review cycle.

Harmony. Routine. Since knowledge acquisition is never ending you must engage in the knowledge review cycle. But at the same time, you’re also reviewing existing knowledge because it’s due for review. You integrate the new information into your routine. You can do it in a harmonious way. Pachelbel’s Canon introduces a new melodic passage exactly […]

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3 More Signs Your Business is in Need of Knowledge Management

You might not think knowledge management has anything to do with you. After all, it’s not in your job description. Your job is to solve problems, sell your stuff, market your message, fill in the blank. But have you ever thought about how you have a key role in knowledge management? While your business may […]

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Your business has 2 problems

I’ll solve the first one right now. You don’t even know you have a problem. So here’s the second problem. Ever wonder what happens to all that data that comes into your business? Unless you are 100% confident you have effective systems and standard operating processes in place to handle it ALL for you, your […]

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