Products and Services

We’re writing our first book to teach you the fundamentals on how to DIY knowledge management.

We’re also busy developing our offerings, but here’s an initial draft. Let us know if you have other ideas.

Membership for Training and Community
For individual consumers
monthly or yearly
Online Delivery, self-paced as long as membership is valid

Fundamentals Teaching
Email Support
Facebook Group

Interactive Business Training Workshop
For individual contributors in the same business (employees, contractors, business owners)
$ TBD, priced per person/day; 5-20 class size, + consultation fee
1-5 days, depending on complexity
Onsite (DFW only) or live webinar

Custom Training for your business
Group Training Exercises
Training materials provided
Requires scheduling and consultation. Multiple days must be business contiguous.

Premium Knowledge Base Building
For Businesses and Teams
$ Contact us for quote
3-12 months, dependent on complexity

Customized Strategy Planning
Cooperative Execution (Done With You)
Includes complementary short-term maintenance (2 weeks-2 months)
Requires initial consultation

No two businesses (or individuals) are alike so each one’s knowledge management program is always going to be customized to fit the needs of that business. Knowledge isn’t power if you don’t know how to put it to work, and this is where experience comes in.

In the end, you’re the boss of your own knowledge, but we won’t leave you drowning in your data. Our goal is to make you ultimately self-sufficient in managing your own knowledge and data… forever.